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Leadership matters.  Brand matters. Shareholders matter.  Content matters.

How do Brands win hearts and minds?  What creates Brand Momentum?  How can Leaders inspire and elevate, unleashing the power of the entire community of Stakeholders?  What is meant by “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”?  How can Leaders attract the best people, insist on best practices and create the best content to deliver Culture, Brand Momentum and Stakeholder progress?

Bools & Associates is a 30-year-old consultancy dedicated to answering these questions.  By focusing on Consumer Marketing, Advertising and Entertainment, we help C-Suite leaders create Brand Momentum with top people and essential advertising and content tools.  We specialize in Executive Placement, Advertising Diagnostics, and Agency Selection.

We begin with an understanding of Brand essence, ancestry and character.  If your company, brand, or portfolio of brands are essentially commodities, we’re not the consulting firm for you.  If, however, your consumers (and all your other stakeholders – investors, partners, employees and society at large) care about your brand and why it’s unique, then Bools & Associates can help you in your key leadership needs of developing and elevating your culture, and creating and maintaining Brand Momentum.

With a great brand, we ask:  Is there an unbroken chain of a company’s Vision, Values and Voice?  We are frequent speakers about Branding and Advertising.  We have reviewed tens of thousands of campaigns and commercials for Advertising Worth Watching™ , our commonsense 100-point checklist of the health of advertising content, which ensures Advertising Worth Watching.  We consider all the ways in which a company communicates:  branding, design, PR, social media, entertainment, adoption, advertising, corporate citizenship, and through leadership and culture.  What makes a Brand relevant, essential, and imperative?  How does a Great Brand win hearts and minds?

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Bools & Associates is based outside of Boston in Lexington, Massachusetts, and was founded by BarBara Bools, who held positions in manufacturing, finance and entertainment at WDAK, Williams and Walt Disney in Los Angeles prior to launching Bools & Associates in Chicago in 1980.  Vice President Lydia Swan held creative positions with J. Walter Thompson and was a columnist for The Chicago Tribune.  Bools and Swan are co-authors of Power Failure (published by St. Martin’s Press), often speak about women’s corporate empowerment, and are in development of a follow-up book about women who lead.  Bools and Swan co-created Advertising Worth Watching™ and What’s Behind the Blue Dot?

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