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Advertising diagnostics

Advertising Content Matters. That’s why we developed the Advertising Worth Watching  Diagnostic Model.

Advertising Worth Watching...


… is a transforming Diagnostic Model of the health of Advertising Content. It is a Guidebook for the Wisdom of Brands. Advertising is the Voice of the Brands and Corporations that drive our economy, affecting us as consumers, employees, investors, and societies.


… is a 100-point Checklist of the universal human health and deep content of every ad message that represents a brand. According to surgeon Atul Gawande, checklists are “how to get things right.”(1)

… diagnoses Advertising based on what we know about Human Nature, Human Motivation, and Human Connection. The model combines the human evolutionary propensity for Story and Heroic Journey(2), the neuroscience of Empathy(3), the business science of Trust(4), and the practical philosophy of Universalizability(5), to develop a common-sense checklist of content.


… helps Leading Advertisers ensure an unbroken chain of “V-V-V” – Vision-Values-Voice for their brands. Advertising Matters. Advertising is the Voice of a Brand.


… helps Society and Consumers learn to “read” Advertising Content. Worldwide, there are 70 million new consumers each year. A television is one of their first purchases, usually before a refrigerator. The World Cup alone has 3.2 billion viewers -- nearly one-half the world's population. Each broadcast hour includes 20 minutes of advertising. We all watch 40,000 commercials each year of our lives. For the 4 billion Internet users, online advertising is constant and rising exponentially.


… helps Partners, Investors and Employees have pride in the Company, Brand, and Voice. Corporations thrive when everyone in SPICE thrives: Society, Partners, Investors, Consumers, and Employees.(6)


… ensures Advertising Worth Watching™. We all watch 40,000 commercials each year of our lives. Worldwide, Advertising is a $555 billion-a-year business.

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(6) Our thanks to Prof. Raj Sisodia, whose SPICE model is clearly outlined in his book Firms of Endearment, pub 2007 by FT Press.

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